The Quilt

The Justice Storytelling Quilt.

Each patch is a symbolic descriptive image produced by victims and offenders from across Canada. There are 40 blocks with 13 stories in French and 27 in English.

The purpose of the Quilt is to bring us together so that we may empathize with the suffering, hope and courage of victims and offenders. May this Quilt inspire us and give us courage to talk about the sorrowful events in our own lives.

A click on any patch will activate a two minute audio testimony by its designer, describing the sorrowful event that took place in his/her life.
Quilt 1- Sunrise – teaches us to enjoy life and to take each day as it comes
Quilt 2- A butterfly for his own transformation, a heart for the love in his life, and a flower for his children
Quilt 3 – Sun window with bars, flowers. Represents how he feels about looking out from the inside.
Quilt 4 – There is a closed flower that couldn’t blossom under the dark cloud. That is how she used to be. Now there is a glorious flower in bloom under the sun, which is how she feels now.
Quilt 5 – Colombe de la paix/Peace Dove. It continue d’essayer de trouver le paix dans lui-même/As he tries to find peace with himself.
Quilt 6 – A sun with twelve rays, one for each of the participants in the Restorative Justice “Rencontre Detenu-Victime” programme.
Quilt 7 – Flowers and photo of her late children.
Quilt 8 – At first there was light, then the wave that brings the sorrow. Now the wave connects the two.
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