The Quilt

The Justice Storytelling Quilt.

Each patch is a symbolic descriptive image produced by victims and offenders from across Canada. There are 40 blocks with 13 stories in French and 27 in English.

The purpose of the Quilt is to bring us together so that we may empathize with the suffering, hope and courage of victims and offenders. May this Quilt inspire us and give us courage to talk about the sorrowful events in our own lives.

A click on any patch will activate a two minute audio testimony by its designer, describing the sorrowful event that took place in his/her life.

Quilt 9 – Katy: Bob’s triathlon medal ribbon; flame represents New Years Eve 1997, the night Bob was killed; plaid from Bob’s wedding quilt is on the ground; fleece pants as Mountain which is Squamish; plaid from children’s school uniforms is water for crossing to Victoria; heart and sky are fabric from children’s nursery; moon from new husband’s robe because he is watching over them all; Bob’s funeral ribbon; fabric as jail bars and feather which is Ryan.

Quilt 10 – A wolf which was Chris’s symbol, a beam of light that she (his mother) saw after he had passed and a star because he was her bright star.

Quilt 11 – For Kevin: feather was part of his Pow Wow Regalia, and the blue and white border is part of his baby sleeper.

Quilt 12 – Peeling back the mask of a perceived monster to see who is really underneath.

Quilt 13 – Sun to shine light on the people that need it most.

Quilt 14 – No matter what, I’ve always been a star. I started out small and life was hell which kept me small. Then I started to get bigger and now I got backbone!

Quilt 15 – Picture of Martin.

Quilt 16 – Soccer for who he is; question mark for the uncertainty of his future; daisy is for Katy.

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