The Quilt

The Justice Storytelling Quilt.

Each patch is a symbolic descriptive image produced by victims and offenders from across Canada. There are 40 blocks with 13 stories in French and 27 in English.

The purpose of the Quilt is to bring us together so that we may empathize with the suffering, hope and courage of victims and offenders. May this Quilt inspire us and give us courage to talk about the sorrowful events in our own lives.

A click on any patch will activate a two minute audio testimony by its designer, describing the sorrowful event that took place in his/her life.
Quilt 25 – Un coeur brisée qui essait de se réparer/A broken heart trying to mend.
Quilt 26 – Photo of her daughter.
Quilt 27 – Fabric from her brother’s shirt; Water for the Victoria-Vancouver crossing; Hearts are for love; candles is for Christmas, which he loved; orange flame is for the demons in his life; red AIDS ribbon because he was HIV positive.
Quilt 28 – Deceased daughter’s favourite symbols- how she signed her name. Hope is for their son. The fabric is from their baby cribs.
Quilt 29 – Sister as an angel or apparition that is never far away. Picture represents meeting between survivor and offender 23 years later.
Quilt 30 – Crime scars the fabric of the community. It’s messy and unfinished. The courts try and sanitize it but where it comes from is not sanitized but messy. There are always loose threads in our mending of the community fabric.
Quilt 31 – Les mains qui se joinent pour demander le pardon, les yoeux qui voie tout, et le fleur qui est son esprit.
Quilt 32 – Roots of the tree of life that are required to find the grounding needed to grow.
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