Public Policy

The Church Council on Justice and Corrections consults on public policy as part of its mandate to shine a light on restorative approaches to justice and corrections. Our consultation work reflects our values of justice, healing, love, mercy, forgiveness, peace, compassion, dignity, fairness, trust and non-violence. We act in consultation with our stakeholders and member denominations, but as an independent and ecumenical council, CCJC’s submissions may not necessarily represent the views of all our member bodies.

Private member’s Bill C-262 (The Implementation of UNDRIP)

Consultation with Indigenous Communities – TRC Call to Action 31

Bill C-51 House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights

Correctional Service Canada’s Funding Cuts to RJ Week

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action

Bill C-53, the Life Means Life Act

2011 Election Fact Sheets

2008 Federal Election Fact Sheets

CSC Review Panel Submission

Tackling Violent Crime Act

Legislation Monitoring Bill C-10

CCJC’s Brief on Amendments to the YCJA 2007

Justice Canada Youth Consultation (YCJA)


The Death Penalty

Part of CCJC’s mandate is to invest in policies that can effectively address victims’ needs and help reduce crime and re-offending. There is now a strong body of evidence that increasing incarceration does not do that. It also incurs costs in prison construction, including financial burdens on the provinces, which take away tax dollars from other programs and services proven to be of more value for all Canadians as well as for crime prevention.

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