The Quilt

The Justice Storytelling Quilt.

Each patch is a symbolic descriptive image produced by victims and offenders from across Canada. There are 40 blocks with 13 stories in French and 27 in English.

The purpose of the Quilt is to bring us together so that we may empathize with the suffering, hope and courage of victims and offenders. May this Quilt inspire us and give us courage to talk about the sorrowful events in our own lives.

A click on any patch will activate a two minute audio testimony by its designer, describing the sorrowful event that took place in his/her life.
Quilt 17 – Clothes and photo of sister.
Quilt 18 – The ripple effect – “what he did affected me and what I did affected her.”
Quilt 19 – A heart with two halves: one is dark, the other light. There is now a little bit of light in the darkness, a mirror that reflects light into the place where there is so much pain. And in the light side, where she lives mostly now there is still some dark.
Quilt 20 – Bright colored abstract represents how crazy his life was. The flowers are for hope, the mirrors reflect who he is.
Quilt 21 – Before Restorative Justice “Rencontre Detenu-Victime” the eyes watching over him saw only darkness, now since RDV, there is some life and hope.
Quilt 22 – Fire that took her mother and sister away. Forgiveness is for the man who started the fire. Also a flute because her sister played the flute.
Quilt 23 – Bottom circle equals conflict and out of conflict roots grow out and can be binding but through the restorative process you can free your hands to help others.
Quilt 24 – Opening one’s mind to new ideas.
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