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The Canadian Council of Churches and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops co-founded The Church Council on Justice and Corrections in 1972. CCJC was formed to unite denominations to promote a faith view of justice.   Many of our denominations are also actively involved in the area of justice. Our ten member denominations listed below appoint the majority of board members. While we consult with our member churches about our objectives, actions, and policies, the CCJC does not represent them or speak for them.



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As we reflect in these coming days upon the many blessings in our lives, may we consider those who have been impacted by the justice system - both victims and offenders. Many families are impacted by justice-involvement and this time of year can be hard for those who cannot be with their loved ones as a result.

CCJC puts justice that heals at the forefront of our mission and our vision to create positive change through restorative models of justice. Currently our work is focused on The Empathy Project, a victim-impact and empathy skills training program for incarcerated individuals.

Presently CCJC is developing a new curriculum for use in the Empathy Project. Two versions of the curriculum are in the process of being created. These curricula will be streamed to the specific needs of both men and women and will be created with 100% Canadian content as well as with a restorative justice context in mind. If this work interests you, we would be so grateful for your support.

As the season of giving is upon us, this Christmas, consider sharing empathy with someone in need by supporting The Empathy Project. We thank you for opening your hearts to this work.



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