CCJC Quebec

CCJC Quebec promotes restorative justice in Quebec, based on the Christian faith by intervening with the legislator, the offender, the victim, the community, and society. It is with the help of research and support activities with individuals in a growth process that we accomplish our mission.

CoSA National

Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA) is a reintegration initiative based on restorative justice principles for federally sentenced, high-risk, high needs sex offenders who have been held to the end of their sentence. Although imprisoning offenders accomplishes the short term objective of ensuring public safety, most are eventually released and come back to communities with no support and very little in the way of accountability.

CCJC currently works in partnership with community agencies providing CoSA across Canada. Although CCJC is not a service provision organization, it is part of our mandate to support initiatives that promote restorative justice principles, such as CoSA.

Ottawa Restorative Justice Network

The Ottawa Restorative Justice Network is a group of individuals and organizations who are involved, interested or invested in restorative justice (RJ) in the Ottawa area.

Their vision is to inspire restorative responses to harm caused by crime and conflict.
Their mission is to encourage and strengthen the use of restorative justice principles and practices through supportive partnerships.


Collaborative Justice Program

CJP offers individual support to those affected by crime as the criminal justice process unfolds. The caseworker supports victims in identifying and addressing their needs while ensuring that the offender understands the impact of his/her behaviour. It provides opportunities for both parties, if they desire, to work together on healing and resolution.

While the Program’s priority will always be the more serious cases, CJP has evolved over the past 13 years to allow the acceptance of post-charge/pre-sentence cases, adult and youth, regardless of level of seriousness.

National Associations Active in Criminal Justice

The Church Council on Justice and Corrections is a member of The National Associations Active in Criminal Justice. The National Associations Active in Criminal Justice’s goal is to enhance the capacity of member organizations to contribute to a just, fair, equitable and effective justice system.


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