Support our 2015 Marathon for Healing Justice!

On April 20th, John De Vries (CCJC director, Christian Reformed Church in North America) will run the Boston Marathon. John is running to raise awareness of CCJC’s mandate to promote education on restorative justice and sponsor initiatives to build healthier and safer communities. We welcome this opportunity to highlight restorative justice and to engage you in CCJC’s work.

As a supporter of CCJC, we ask that you help us fulfill our mandate through a timely donation to our MARATHON FOR HEALING JUSTICE campaign. We will gladly accept online donations, or cheques mailed to the CCJC office (Suite 303-200 Isabella St., Ottawa, ON, K1S 1V7).

*A private donor will match the first $500 donated to this campaign. Don’t miss the chance to double your gift by donating soon!*

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