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Following CCJC’s letter to the Prime Minister on prison building we asked churches to stand up and declare themselves. We are encouraged and excited to see a number of Churches have taken this stand. The following is a list of Churches, groups and individuals that have write to the government and declared themselves. You will find their letters linked to their names.

CCJC’s stance on these issues has been picked up by a number of different national and regional media outlets and by a number of denominations. You can find what our denominations are reporting in the following list*:

What denominations are reporting in regards to CCJC’s letter:

(*If you believe we have missed anything, please contact us at info@ccjc.ca.)

The Canadian government is in the process of creating criminal justice legislation and laws that will have a long-lasting impact on the character and quality of Canadian communities. The Church Council on Justice and Corrections feels that these changes will be to our detriment and need to be fundamentally reconsidered. Crime is often a symptom of a much deeper problem. We need a justice system that addresses the cause of the problem not simply the symptoms.


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