During the Church Council’s Board meetings held in Winnipeg in January 2013, our past-president Laurent Champagne discussed restorative justice and shared his experiences with restorative approaches in a number of interviews.  Please see below for links to the media pieces that were produced based on Laurent’s conversations in Winnipeg.

  • Laurent was featured in a Radio Canada television interview about restorative justice and his work with reintegration programs in Quebec.  The interview can be viewed here.  To reach Laurent’s interview, click on the “January 24” clip.  The interview runs in the second segment of that clip, from approximately 3:20 – 7:00 minutes in.

  • Laurent took part in an extended radio interview on the Radio Canada program Les samedies du monde, where he discussed CCJC’s work on the CoSA project, as well as community reintegration programs, victim-offender encounters, the role of chaplains in prisons, and the humanity behind the “victim” and “offender” labels.  Click here for a link to the radio interview, which was originally broadcast on 26 January, 2013.

  • Laurent sat down with Father Ronald Léger and journalist Daniel Bahaud to discuss restorative justice.  Their conversation was published in the January 23-29 edition of La Liberté newspaper.  Please click here or on the image below to read the entire article “Pour une guérison des criminels et des victims“.  


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