A five-part restorative justice infographic series

The CCJC re-imagines justice:

For Restorative Justice Week 2015, the Church Council on Justice and Corrections presents a five-part infographic series to encourage our community to imagine a justice system that integrates restorative justice principles.

     1.  Click here to view the infograpahic “The Current State of Justice”

     2. Click here to view the infograpahic “Overview of RJ”

     3.  Click here to view the infograpahic “CoSA”

    4.  Click here to view the infograpahic “RJ and Victims”

    5.  Click here to view the infograpahic “Truth and Reconciliation”


Where to go from here

We hope you have enjoyed our infographic series and have found them to be informative, inspiring and engaging.  If you are interested in learning more about restorative justice or becoming involved in restorative justice here are a few places to start:

  • 1. Volunteer!  There are many small local programs running across Canada (and the U.S.).  Many of these programs require volunteers to operate.  Find out what programs are offered in your area.


  • 2.  Organize! Organize an educational event or a discussion group in your community, parish or workplace.  If you would like to arrange a speaker please contact us at info (@) ccjc.ca we have a network of members and volunteers all across the country.


  • 3. Write!  Write your local, provincial or federal government.  Take an opportunity to tell them what you think and the kind of justice system you would like to see in Canada.


  • 4.  Talk!  Talking with friends and family about more restorative ways of dealing with harm begins the process of questioning whether our current system is really addressing the problem. Consider a restorative approach to conflicts that might arise among friends or family.  Change starts with each one of us.


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