Transforming Communities -Trauma and Root Causes Presentation

When: Tuesday, March 26th

Time: 9.30-Noon

Where: St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, 206 Montreal Rd

 Topics and Presenters.

Though Trauma and the Corrections system to hope and Healing

Presenter: Dave Atkins, a professional engineer and long-time leader in the Prison Alpha Program. Dave notes: The sad fact is that approximately 80% of habitual offenders were themselves child victims of trauma (violence and/or sexual abuse) and (according to mental health professionals in Corrections) suffer from a form of PTSD. How can we address this root cause and create a better way?


The Men’s Project

Presenter: Rick Goodwin, Executive Director of the Men’s Project, an Ottawa-based healing program for men who have experienced sexual or physical abuse as children.


Coming Home : Resilience

Presenter: Janet Handy, Executive Director of the Church Council on Justice and Corrections. Janet holds masters degrees in Divinity and in Applied Developmental Psychology with a specialization in children and adolescents. She is the primary author of  Enhancing Resilience in Adults: a training manual for mentors and peer supporters of adult survivors of childhood abuse.  Janet will speak to resilience as a core response to trauma and the way in which victims and offenders face many of the same core issues of survival.


We will be graced once more with the presence of Dr. Rebecca Nemiroff who did the presentation on Childhood Trauma and hope to have with us Cynthia Stirbys who gave the initial presentation on First Nations trauma. Former Ottawa Police Chief, now Senator, Vern White(Chair of Aboriginal Affairs Committee) will try and make it as well as a number  of professionals from Correctional Services and Public Safety.


You are hardily encourage to attend. Please circulate this announcement and feel free to invite any one you think may be interested.


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