The Transforming Communities Roundtable in Ottawa announces: Rethinking Historic Trauma & Reconciling Canada’s Illusion of Education for Assimilation


The next meeting of the Transforming Communities Round Table will be on Wednesday, Dec 12th, 9.30-Noon at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, 206 Montreal Rd (across from Burger king).

With this extraordinary presentation by Cynthia Stirbys on Historic Trauma, Transforming Communities begins a series of presentations on Trauma.

The series will include presentations on Childhood Trauma, including sexual abuse, Trauma and Addictions, and Economic Trauma. We do this in an effort to move from simply identifying and treating symptoms to understanding and providing a framework for addressing, root causes.

9:30 – 12 am –Wednesday, December 12

at St. Margaret’s — 206 Montreal Rd.

Click here to download the event poster.

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