To mark Restorative Justice Week 2011, the CCJC has prepared a workshop on ‘Re-visioning Justice’ through which participants can gain:

1. An understanding of restorative justice and a restorative circle process.

2. An appreciation of how restorative processes can bring more satisfaction for everyone affected by an offence.

3. An opportunity to think about their role in implementing practices of restorative justice and in their own communities.

The workshop is designed for 6-25 participants and might last around 2.5 hours, depending on times allotted for breaks and discussion.

If you would like to facilitate or organize a workshop in your community, please feel free to download the attachments below and adapt them to your needs. If you would like any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

RJ Workshop ‘Re-visioning Justice’

RJ Workshop 2011 – church setting

  • handout for participants

RJ Workshop 2011 – community-centre setting

  • handout for participants
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