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Please click here to read the Fall 2013 issue of CCJC’s e-bulletin.

CCJC has undergone a new look and re-branding to capture a renewal of spirit in our 40th anniversary year. The word “sage” meaning “wisdom” in both English and French captures the contributions over the 40 years that individuals and the churches have brought to CCJC as we have grown to fulfill our vision to “be a shining light for restorative approaches to justice and corrections”.

As a metaphor the sage plant survives in the desert despite the seemingly desolate conditions.  This too is what CCJC is all about; surviving despite changing governments and public opinion about crime.  We steadily maintain a faith-filled call for spiritual compassion and programs which will heal both those who are the most rejected offenders, as well as those who are the most sympathetic to our society, victims. We stand by this call because we ask ourselves to be fully engaged in creating and taking opportunities for compassion and healing as members of our Creator’s human community.

This is a turning point in our history… and with this new publication we retire with great affection The WELL and turn to SAGE our E-Bulletin as our new format to gather the voices of our partners and individuals faithful to the CCJC call for compassionate justice. To this end we invite all member churches and parishes to contribute to the E-bulletin. We will be connecting over this next year with all of you to ask for your updates on what your various social justice and pastoral care committees throughout Canada have been accomplishing over these past 40 years. Our vision is to create a facilitated space on-line in which you are able to speak to each other across denominational and affiliate lines. Let us as Christians and friends show Canada that a call for compassionate justice is not only actively encouraged in local parishes and faith gatherings but also represents a nationwide call for renewed spirituality along the many traditional, new and emerging expressions of hope for caring approaches to justice.

To subscribe to SAGE e-bulletin, please contact info@ccjc.ca.


SAGE Issue no 6 (Fall 2013) / Bulletin électronique SAGE n.6

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The 2017 National Restorative Justice Symposium co-hosted by the Church Council on Justice and Corrections and the Collaborative Justice Program, will be held on traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg people, in Ottawa, ON from November 19th-21st, 2017.

This year's theme for the National Restorative Justice Symposium is Global Innovation - Local (R)Evolution. This theme draws attention to both global and local contributions to the restorative justice movement which has grown by leaps and bounds in many countries, including our own. Restorative justice is constantly evolving and improving how the world deals with harm and conflict, coming into greater use in many fields. Now is the time to come together to share our innovations and to use this knowledge to push us into the next (r)evolution of restorative justice in Canada. #OurTimeisNow

The Symposium will feature international keynote presentations from New Zealand’s Hayley MacKenzie and the United Kingdom’s Christopher Straker, and the program is filling up with excellent workshop and training sessions, such as:

• Indigenous Ways of Knowing: “Sacred Circles”
• Working from a Victim-Centered Perspective: What, Why, and How?
• The F Word: Exploring Forgiveness
• Understanding Deep-Rooted Conflict, Structures of Violence & Power Imbalances
• Circle Up! Using Circles and other Restorative Practices with Youth in Community and Educational Settings
• Restorative Parenting: It’s Complicated

Registration for the Symposium is now open! Sign up now and save by taking advantage of early bird pricing from now until October 1st, 2017. Registration and further details about the Symposium can be found at nrjs2017snjr.com


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