Churches & Criminal Justice

Are we called as Christians to new hearts and minds about crime and justice? A 6-part series for faith reflection.

A series prepared by the CCJC is intended to assist reflection on the issues and options now before us as a country.

Why This Series Now? Churches and Criminal Justice at a Crossroads

Introduction: Churches & Criminal Justice at a Crossroads

Part 1 Victims: Churches & Criminal Justice at a Crossroads Why are they so frustrated and how can we be their neighbour?

Part 2 Offenders: Churches & Criminal Justice at a Crossroads

Who is in prison, and what is happening to their families?

Still to Come:

  • Youth: What happens to the young who get in trouble with the law? (contact us for information)
  • Other options and services: how do they help, how well do they work?  (contact us for information)
  • How can we and our congregation get involved? (contact us for information)

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