Satisfying Justice

Satisfying Justice: Safe Community Options that attempt to repair harm from crime and reduce the use or length of imprisonment is a CCJC publication about credible alternatives to prison.

Canadians are facing a crisis in the justice system. Prison populations are soaring. The costs are no longer affordable. And people are feeling less safe and secure.

Canadians want and need satisfying justice – a response to crime that takes victims seriously and helps them heal, a response that calls offenders to account and deals with them effectively, a response that gets tough on the causes of crime.

Satisfying Justice offers both good and bad news about credible alternatives to imprisonment, in Canada and elsewhere. It contains over 100 entries with program descriptions and stories illustrating how interventions work and feel. This book also explores why these alternatives are still not significantly reducing prison populations and suggests that more imaginative approaches and new directions in sentencing are still required.

Download pdf copy of Satisfying Justice.

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