Past Projects

“Crime on Broadway’, in collaboration with SJ Productions and musical artist Stephanie Coward-Yaskiw, used music and theatre in the style of ‘Chicago’ to place issues of crime and justice in front of an audience. The show stimulated new ways of thinking about Canada’s criminal justice system; how it affects victims, offenders and the whole of society; and how Canadians both contribute to and respond to crime in their own communities.
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‘Prison to Prism ~ Art’s Tools for Justice’ was a project in collaboration with interdisciplinary public artist c j fleury to develop a range of artistic media that could engage a variety of audiences in a ‘new public conversation’ about what ‘Justice’ is.
Plato’s shadows – Plato’s Shadows” derived its title from the Plato’s Cave allegory and parallel ideas of the situation of street people: it is as if the general public only see a shadow of who they really are, not their true selves or true realities.
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Education in the streets with Martha, Howard and Skippy.

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