Sawbonna and Restorative Justice

 FOR: Practitioners and Students of Restorative Justice, Mediation, Conflict Resolution

THEME: How to engage in what and how “justness” means by expanding the restorative justice dialectic. You will be taught how to navigate with your own beliefs, prejudices, and wisdom in order to mentor and facilitate those with whom and for whom you work.

TIME-FRAME: Six Weeks. All materials provided.

COST: $750.00 CAD



More information from Margot Van Sluytman:

This course begins upon registration and runs for six consecutive weeks. I am both an award winning poet and academic. I have created this course from my own lived experience of “murder to meaning.” My personal experience, fleshed out in my autoethnographic research in my published Masters Thesis, is the powerful catalyst for this course. You will engage with expanded concepts of how justice can mean for you, learning to recognize that the feminist mantra, “the personal is in the public,” means that none of us is a mere spectator to living justice.


Contact Margot at margotvansluytman44(at) for details.

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